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As a global leader, Alere Toxicology is committed to providing innovative solutions and exceptional support to organisations seeking to detect and deter the abuse of drugs and alcohol. We deliver cutting-edge testing systems to a wide variety of industries, including employers, government agencies, occupational health clinics, family lawyers, drug treatment and rehabilitation centres, and distributors.

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Behind every test is a life

We are ultimately responsible to the individuals whose samples we test and to organisations that rely on this information.

Drug testing as easy as A, B, C.

Alere™ DDS®2 Mobile Test System

Designed and developed to meet the high performance demands of law enforcement agencies, drug treatment centres and workplace environments, the Alere™ DDS®2 Mobile Test System combines speed, ease of use and reliability.

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Alere™ Drug Screen Urine Test Cup

Rapid testing device that targets up to ten drugs at once, providing results in just five minutes. With an integrated test panel and a plunger activation key, it is easy to operate and requires minimal training.

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SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® is a tamper-evident alcohol bracelet that tests a person for alcohol every 30 minutes, giving a real-time method for monitoring alcohol consumption and providing evidence of sobriety.

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Alcohol Testing Products

We can provide CE marked devices that also conform to the US Department of Transport product list and US Coast Guard quality standards to ensure you obtain a proven and accepted device.

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