Alere is now Abbott


In the modern day, a ‘one size fits all’ benefits package is certainly no longer the best approach. Our benefits programme allows you to tailor your benefits, and create a package that best assists your everyday needs and ambitions. Built around a solid foundation, the programme provides core levels of cover, with the ability for you to enhance particular elements.

At the heart of our offering is flexibility, as we recognise that for benefits such as Cycle to Work annual enrolment windows just aren’t suitable. This allows you to start many of your benefits on any day of the year, allowing your benefits programme to constantly evolve and quickly respond to changes in your lifestyle.

Tax efficiencies are hugely important for many people and we help you maximise your purchasing power with benefits such as our salary sacrifice pension scheme.

Wherever possible we extend the advantages of our comprehensive flexible benefit offering to your family too, which is why the Alere programme makes keen use of benefits such as Partner Health Assessments and Medical Insurance.  These employer-backed benefits at highly discounted corporate rates maximise your spending power, leaving you with more money in your pocket at the end of the month.


We never stop looking for the best and the brightest professionals. The opportunities are endless, and this is where your exciting new career starts.


Having a strong and cohesive culture makes achieving our mission possible. Our culture is a driving force behind an employee's engagement and performance, and ultimately, our success in the markets we serve.