Alere™ DDS®2 Mobile Test System

Drug testing as easy as A, B, C.

Alere DDS2 Mobile Test System

The Alere DDS2 Mobile Test System is a handheld analyser that provides the optimal combination of speed, ease of use, reliability and accuracy. The analyser has been designed and developed to meet the high performance demands of police forces, drug treatment centres and workplaces.

The lightweight, portable system can be operated in a wide range of environments and can detect up to six drugs from a single oral fluid sample in a matter of minutes. Results can be printed and downloaded to a PC with the aid of the Alere Software Application Suite.

How it Works

Test Step 1
Test step 2
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Features and Benefits

Easy to use

The intuitive user interface guides you through the 3-step test process, making drug testing as easy as A, B, C. Each test cartridge has a Quick Response (QR) code that the analyser uses to identify the cartridge validity, test panel and lot number. These validation checks and on-screen instructions reduce the burden of lengthy training sessions, allowing for quick implementation of the device into your testing programme.

DDS2 Cartridge Verification
DDS2 connected to printer

Fast results

The Alere DDS2 oral fluid collection device is manufactured under a quality system and is CE marked1. It contains a sample volume adequacy indicator and is robustly designed for active sample collection. Using this method enough sample is collected in less than 60 seconds on avergage2. Once the collection device is inserted into the analyser, test results are available within just 5 minutes.

1 Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)
2 Based on data from a non-drug using population

Flexible data management

The Alere DDS2 Mobile Test System stores over 10,000 test results and comes equipped with a printer so that you can keep a record of each test. You can also download your data onto a PC using the Alere Software Application Suite, which enables you to download, store, manage and print test data giving you the opportunity to review test statistics and gain a bigger picture of the effectiveness of your testing programme.

Alere Software Application Suite
DDS2 System Case

Testing where you need it

If you need to conduct a drug test in a challenging environment, such as at the roadside, the Alere DDS2 is the instrument of choice.

Weighing in at under 700g and fitting into a motorcycle storage compartment it is a truly portable analyser. Designed to excel in differing conditions, the backlit, 3.2 inch full colour screen provides excellent visibility in daylight and at night. A fully charged battery can conduct approximately 30-40 tests, but the optional car charging kit can keep you testing even on the move.

Selected by Police Forces internationally

Increasing road safety by reducing drug driving is a major problem facing police forces across the globe. The Alere DDS2 provides the portable technology needed to screen suspected drug drivers, ushering in a new era of drug testing at the roadside.

It is currently being used or evaluated by police forces in over ten countries.

DDS2 analyser in the hand


Test Time

Test Time

Sample collection within 60 seconds on average
Results within 5 minutes


Weight & Dimensions

Product Dimensions

Dimensions: H61 x W88 x L222 mm
Weight: 680g approximately


Storage & Operation Conditions

Operating Temperature

Store cartridges between 15 to 25°C
Store system between -20 to 45°C
Operate cartridges between 5 to 35°C

Drugs Detected

Drugs Detected

Amphetamine (50ng/mL)
Benzodiazepine (20ng/mL)
Cocaine (30ng/mL)
Methamphetamine (50ng/mL)
Methadone (15ng/mL)
Opiates (40ng/mL)
Cannabis (THC) (25ng/mL)

Data Storage


Internal storage capacity of over 10,000 test results

Screen Size

Screen Size

3.2-inch LCD colour screen

Power Supply

Power Supply

4.7Ah 7.4V lithium polymer battery or a mains supply. Charge your device on the move with our car charging kit.

CE Marked

Product approvals

Collection device - Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)
Analyser and cartridge - IVD Medical Device Directive (98/79/EC)

Fully Supported Languages

Available Languages

English, Spanish, Italian, German, Croatian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Czech, Dutch, French, Polish, Vietnamese, Greek, Danish, Swedish, Indonesian and Norwegian

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