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Products & Services

Knowing now matters™ which is why our products and services are configured to give you access to the right information at the right time. By developing new capabilities in point of care devices, laboratory analysis and customer support, we are proud to deliver a single-source solution for drug, alcohol and healthcare testing.

Drug Testing

Our drug testing products and services are used in a multitude of settings such as hospitals, surgeries, drug treatment clinics, probation offices, prisons and workplaces.

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Alcohol Testing

Our range of alcohol detection products and services enable you to implement a successful alcohol testing program, in compliance with industry best practices.

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Blood Borne Virus Testing

Our dried blood spot testing service gives you the crucial information you need so that appropriate treatment decisions can be made.

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Benzene Testing

Our benzene service tests for levels of S-PMA, the most sensitive biomarker available, so you can assess occupational exposure to benzene for your workforce.

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Steroid Testing

Our comprehensive and affordable urine-based steroid testing service incorporates a broad steroid panel comparable to that carried out by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) laboratories.

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DNA Testing

Our paternity, maternity and relationship DNA testing service helps to reunite families and safeguard children.

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Laboratory Reagents

Our extensive range of Microplate ELISA Kits and HEIA Reagents allow scientists to quickly identify drugs in biological samples.

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Occupational Health

Our nationwide occupational health service specialises in case management, industry-related medicals, preventative health schemes, health surveillance programmes, and medical consultancy services.

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Forensic Toxicology

Our nationwide forensic toxicology service specialises in the investigation of drug-facilitated crime, and the identification of designer drugs and performance enhancing substances.

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