Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Testing

Our range of alcohol detection products and services are ideally suited for family law, law enforcement, healthcare, drug treatment, and business health and safety applications.

Our market leading breath alcohol testing devices , transdermal ankle bracelets and laboratory testing services enable you to implement a successful alcohol testing programme in accordance with industry best practices.

Alcohol Testing Solutions

Alcohol Monitoring or Evidencing Sobriety

Transdermal Alcohol Continuous Testing (TACT) using SCRAM CAM® is a real-time method for monitoring alcohol consumption and providing evidence of sobriety. The tamper evident alcohol bracelet tests a person for alcohol every 30 minutes, providing non-invasive and automated testing.

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Post Incident Testing

Being able to quickly and evidentially quantify the amount of alcohol in a person’s system after an incident has occurred is of the upmost importance. Breath alcohol testing devices can be swiftly deployed and can give immediate and defensible results.

We provide CE marked devices that conform to the US Department of Transport product list and US Coast Guard quality standards, to ensure you obtain a proven and accepted device.

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Chronic Excessive Alcohol Use

By measuring direct metabolites of alcohol in hair, we can analyse the last three or six months of hair growth for evidence of chronic excessive alcohol use. Further corroboration with blood tests can provide additional support to a diagnosis of chronic alcohol use.

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