The AlcoBlow is a portable, handheld, fast-acting breath-testing instrument that will indicate if a person has alcohol in their system. It uses the Lion fuel cell sensor, so the reading is very unlikely to be affected by anything but alcohol in the subject's breath.

Originally designed for use by police at road blocks for rapid pre-screening, there is no physical contact between the subject and instrument, so there is no mouthpiece to replace for each test. Its speed and ease of use have made it popular in safety critical industries and in alcohol control programmes with prisons and education establishments.

How it works

Simple to use

  • Just two control buttons
  • Minimal training required

Fast and reliable analysis

  • High specificity to alcohol
  • Long and stable working life

Easy to read display

  • The alcohol level is shown on a single LED

No mouthpieces needed

  • No physical contact with donor
  • Lowers cost as disposable mouthpieces are not required

Dual-mode operation

  • Active
  • Passive
Product Sensitivity

Detection Limit: 0.04mg/L BrAC

Test Time

Warm-up Time: There is no heater, so no warm-up time
Response Time: Within 3 seconds of sampling
Recovery Time: Within 40 seconds at 2.00mg/L

Operating Temperature

Operate between -5° to 40°C (23° to 104°F)

Product Dimensions

Dimensions: 265 x 48 mm
Weight: 300g

Power Supply

4 new AA cells give at least 5,000 breath tests

Product Code Description
C-EQ-ALCBLW-A AlcoBlow Device 
Silicon Skin for AlcoBlow

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