Drug Testing

Drug Testing

Our drug testing products and services are used in a multitude of settings such as hospitals, surgeries, drug treatment clinics, probation offices, prisons, roadsides and workplaces.

We offer state-of-the-art portable handheld analysers, point of care tests and laboratory based screening and confirmation testing. With multiple specialist UKAS accredited laboratories and expert toxicologists, we are can meet all your drug testing needs.

Drug Testing Solutions

Rapid Screening Products

Fast, reliable test results at the point of care enable you to make informed decisions about substance abuse issues that could compromise the safety of patients, employees and businesses. Our rigorous manufacturing standards ensure you receive the best possible products and supporting resources.

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Legally Defensible Drug Testing

Laboratory confirmation testing provides legally defensible results for a court of law or industrial tribunal, and our sample collection process follows a full chain of custody protocol. Results are supported by independent interpretations from Medical Review Officers, or an Expert Witness Report, which provides you with professional and objective evidence upon which you can make informed decisions.

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Roadside Drug Testing

The SoToxa™ Mobile Test System provides the technology needed to screen suspected drug drivers so they can be identified at the roadside. Already in use with several police forces, it is being used to combat drug driving and improve road safety.

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