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With our leading laboratories and over 25 years of experience, our legally defensible drug testing can be relied upon to help you make informed decisions.

We have some of the most qualified, experienced and committed experts in the industry, all of whom integrate around a single binding philosophy that behind every test is a life. This gives you confidence in the process of testing and allows you to focus your attention on making effective use of the results.

We promote scientific and operational best practice and the high standards we set ourselves are reflected by the accreditations we have been awarded.


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  • Our sample collection process follows a full chain of custody protocol
  • Confirmation testing provides fully defensible results for a court of law or industrial tribunal

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  • International network of over 900 Collecting Officers
  • Unrivalled global coverage at over 1,000 ports
  • Officers on call around the clock, every day of the year

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  • Test results can be returned via email, fax or downloaded from our secure customer portal

Our oral fluid testing options are a reliable and innovative means of providing a fast and convenient specimen collection. The non-invasive collection method does not require the facilities necessitated by the privacy requirements of a urine collection and because each collection can be directly observed, the risk of specimen tampering is virtually eliminated.

Popular with our Drug Treatment clients, oral fluid has the shortest window of detection, which is typically 24 to 48 hours.

Adopted as the gold standard in workplace drug testing, urine has a longer window of detection than oral fluid at 3–5 days on average.  Used in many regulated industries, our urine testing follows internationally available guidelines and robust, established procedures.

Using a simple, non-invasive collection procedure, hair testing can provide an overview as well as trends of drug use or abstinence, by sectioning a hair sample and testing each segment for a detailed month-by-month analysis.

One of the main benefits of hair testing is that drug use can be detected going back over several months to years, if the length of the sample is sufficient. This extended window of detection makes hair testing particularly useful in legal cases and pre-employment tests.

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