Alere™ DDS®2 Mobile Test System

Alere DDS®2 Mobile Test System

The Alere DDS2 Mobile Test System is a handheld analyser that provides the optimal combination of speed, ease of use, reliability and accuracy. The analyser has been designed and developed to meet the high performance demands of police forces, drug treatment centres and workplaces.

The lightweight, portable system can be operated in a wide range of environments and can detect up to six drugs from a single oral fluid sample in a matter of minutes. Results can be printed and downloaded to a PC with the aid of the Alere Software Application Suite.

How it works

Easy to use

  • 3 step test process, as easy as A, B, C
  • Intuitive user interface – minimal training requirements
  • QR code recognition for identification of test panel, lot number and expiry date of the Alere DDS2 Test Cartridge

Fast results

  • Streamlined test process, minimal handling steps
  • Sample collection is less than 60 seconds on average
  • Results available within 5 minutes

Testing where you need it

  • Full colour screen is backlit for visibility in daylight and at night
  • Lightweight, portable system can conduct testing on battery power
  • The on-board heater ensures tests run at the optimal temperature reducing variability

Flexible data management

  • Print your test results
  • Internal storage capacity of over 10,000 test results
  • Alere Software Application Suite allows for results reporting and trending
Test Time

Sample collection within 60 seconds on average
Results within 5 minutes

Product approvals

CE Marked
Collection device - Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)
Analyser and cartridge CE - IVD Medical Device Directive (98/79/EC)

Operating Temperature

Store cartridges between 15 to 25°C
Store system between -20 to 45°C
Operate cartridges between 5 to 35°C

Drugs Detected


Product dimensions

Analyser dimensions

Height: 61 mm
Width: 88 mm
Length: 222 mm

Analyser weight: 680 g

Screen Size

3.2-inch LCD colour screen


Analyser is available in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Croatian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Czech, Dutch, French, Polish, Vietnamese, Greek, Danish, Swedish, Indonesian and Norwegian.

Power Supply

4.7Ah 7.4V lithium polymer battery
Mains Power Input: 100-240V AC 50-60 Hz 1.1A Output:15V DC 3A


Internal storage capacity of over 10,000 test results

The Alere Software Application Suite can store millions of tests

Test Systems


Includes: 1 Alere DDS2 Mobile Analyser, 1 micro USB cable for connection to PC, 1 printer and cable, 1 QC cartridge set, 1 power supply unit and power cable, 1 user guide on CD-ROM, 1 system carry case.

UK plug
European plug
Australian plug
USA plug

DDS-150-SAS Alere Software Application Suite

Alere DDS2 1 Year Extended Warranty

Covers the Alere DDS2 for a further 12 months after the initial 12 month warranty. Includes immediate replacement of system or parts plus a free collection and delivery service.


Alere DDS2 Service

An annual service is recommended for the Alere DDS2, which includes a full maintenance check and software upgrade (if applicable). Excludes cost of delivery and collection.

Test Cartridges

Product Code Panel
DDS2-403 THC25, COC30, AMP50, MAMP50, OPI40, BZO20
DDS2-404 THC25, COC30, AMP50, MAMP50, OPI40


Product Code Description
DDS2-400-001 Alere DDS2 Carry Case
DDS2-400-002 Alere DDS2 Printer Paper Roll
DDS2-400-003 Alere DDS2 Car Power Supply
DDS2-400-029 Alere DDS2 Power Supply Unit
DDS2-400-005 Alere DDS2 Power Cable
DDS2-400-009 Alere DDS2 Printer and Cable
DDS2-400-010 Alere DDS2 Printer Cable
DDS2-400-011 Alere DDS2 QC Cartridge Set
DDS2-400-012 Alere DDS2 Micro USB Cable
DDS2-400-015 Alere DDS2 User Guide CD ROM

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