Forensics Toxicology

Forensic Toxicology

Alere Forensics is a dedicated forensic toxicology laboratory providing expert services for the Police, HM Coroners, Pathologists, Solicitors and other Forensic Science Laboratories.  Alere Forensics also provide training and research support, drawing on the knowledge gained from their thorough analytical approach to casework

The Senior Toxicologists and qualified reporting team have extensive experience in post-mortem toxicology and drug facilitated crime, as well as identifying the role of new psychoactive substances (including so-called “legal highs”/”bath salts”), ketoacidosis, heroin/morphine, GHB and other drugs of abuse and prescription drugs.

Alere Forensics pride themselves on excellent customer satisfaction and swift service delivery, and are focused on becoming the UK’s leading provider of toxicology services.

Their purpose built laboratory is equipped with state of the art instrumentation, enabling them to detect a wide range of toxic compounds and poisons with the highest levels of sensitivity. They believe that provision of modern premises and excellent working conditions creates an atmosphere of excellence for the benefit of both their staff and customers.

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