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Forensic Toxicology

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Ascertain Forensics is a dedicated forensic toxicology laboratory providing expert analytical and interpretive services for the Police, HM Coroners, Pathologists, Solicitors and other Forensic Science Laboratories. They are also able to provide training and support research initiatives to expand the knowledge base in this specialist field.

Ascertain Forensics was founded over 10 years ago to fulfil a market requirement for a dedicated Forensic Toxicology service. Since then their focus has been to provide an accredited and responsive service with a wide analytical scope using state of the art instrumentation to deliver high quality results on time. The company soon became a recognised provider to HM Coroners and the Police Services throughout the United Kingdom due to their ongoing commitment to a core value of continuous improvement.

The senior analytical and reporting staff have extensive experience in supporting post-mortem toxicology and drug facilitated crime investigations, as well as identifying drug trends to guide future testing strategies. This includes the detection of new psychoactive substances and synthetic cannabinoids and well as the use and abuse of prescription medication.

Ascertain Forensics pride themselves on helping people find answers through excellent customer satisfaction and being focused on becoming the UK’s leading provider of toxicology services.

Their purpose-built laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, enabling them to detect a wide range of drugs and poisons with the highest levels of quality. They believe that the provision of modern premises and excellent working conditions creates an atmosphere of excellence for the benefit of both their staff and customers.


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