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We provide an extensive range of ELISA and Homogenenous Enzyme Immunoassays (HEIA®) that allow forensic toxicologists to quickly identify drugs in a biological sample. Kits are all manufactured by Immunalysis Corporation, in the USA, and the development and manufacture of test kits is led by a team of immunoassay and toxicology experts. We also exclusively supply Quantisal - Immunalysis' proprietary oral fluid collection device.

Our HEIA® (homogeneous enzyme-immunoassay) reagents are ideal for high-throughput screening of urine samples, since the assays require no incubation or separation steps, and the reactions occur entirely in solution. The assays are intended for qualitative or semi-quantitative screening of drugs in human urine samples.

We provide single analyte controls and calibrators at varying levels and our multi-analyte calibrator and control sets save both time and money.

Drug/metabolite Urine Reagents
6-Acetylmorphine Y
Amphetamine Y
Barbiturates Y
Benzodiazepines Y
Benzoylecognine (Cocaine) Y
Buprenorphine Y
Cannabinoids (THC) Y
Carisoprodol Y
Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) Y
Fentanyl Y
K2-I (Synthetic Cannabinoids-1) Y
K2-II (Synthetic Cannabinoids-2) Y
K2-3 (Synthetic Cannabinoids-3) Y
Ketamine Y
Meperidine Y
Methamphetamine Y
Opiates Y
Oxycodone Y
Tapentadol Y
Tramadol Y
Zolpidem Y

Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) screening techniques are widely utilised by toxicologists to screen forensic specimens for drugs of abuse. These immunoassays are extremely flexible and have adequate sensitivity to go down to the drug levels found in most forensic matrices. Direct ELISA kits screen for drugs of abuse in a range of biological sample types.

Direct ELISA Kits






Cocaine / Benzoylecgonine (BE)


K2 (Synthetic Cannabinoids-1)





Morphine Specific


Oxycodone (Blood)

Oxycodone (Urine)



Tricyclic Antidepressants


Over the past decade oral fluid has become an increasingly popular alternative for use in forensic drug testing. Oral fluid drug screen results provide valuable information about recent drug use making it an ideal choice for a number of different monitoring programs.

Quantisal provides simple, rapid and non-invasive sample collection, with excellent extraction efficiencies. The volume adequacy indicator turns blue once sufficient sample has been collected (1mL +/-10%).

Product Code Description
QS-0025EX 25 Devices
QS-0500EX 500 Devices

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