Drug & Alcohol Policy Advice

Our policy specialists will work with you to understand the risks posed by drug and alcohol misuse in your workplace and ensure you have a substance misuse policy to effectively manage those risks. The policy will support your programme of drug and alcohol testing, ensuring disciplinary action following a positive test result is detailed within the policy and consequently enforceable. The policy will be compliant with local legislation, industry regulations and the guidelines laid down by the European Workplace Drug Testing Society.

Our advice follows a proven structured approach based on industry best practice. We clearly explain the factors and consequences that should be considered when developing and implementing a programme of testing. Having advised many companies across a wide range of industries, we have the experience and knowledge to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes within a policy that might otherwise only come to light when the policy is challenged.

We develop policies to be fair, simple and easy to understand for all employees and align it with the culture, vision and working practices of your company.

Why do I need a policy?

A good drug and alcohol policy enables employers to communicate the organisation’s attitude to drugs and alcohol, empowers employees to maintain a safe working environment and ensures a clear understanding of expectations between management and staff.

The benefits of having a robust drug and alcohol testing program are numerous and include:

  • Increased safety of employees and the public
  • Actively executes your duty of care
  • Protects your company reputation
  • Increased health of employees which improves attendance and productivity
  • Advises employees how they can get help for alcohol and substance misuse
  • Supports employees during recovery helping them get back to work
  • Reduced risk of litigation due to accidents where drugs and/or alcohol were factors
  • Increased chances of winning tenders where drug and alcohol policies are required
  • Reduced insurance premiums

Our Services

We can offer you a comprehensive review of your current substance misuse policy. This review will highlight any areas of weakness within your policy and suggest steps that you could take to address these areas of weakness. The review is free of charge.

Writing a watertight drug and alcohol policy can be difficult and daunting. Our policy template gives you the perfect starting point, providing a logical structure based on best practice principles. Having added your information to the template, one of our policy specialists will review your resultant draft policy at no extra cost.

If you need more extensive expert advice on your policy we can help you develop a robust and comprehensive policy that achieves your organisational goals.

We actively encourage the involvement of Unions (or employee / working groups if not officially unionised) during the development and implementation of both policies and testing programmes, to give them a full understanding of testing.

In our experience, discussions on a new drug and alcohol policy should commence with a Union as early as possible to create a good working relationship. We are able to assist in any consultations that need to take place and have a number of tools and recommendations that can be used to make this process easier.

These include:

  • Ensuring a working party is formed to write and agree the policy.
  • Inviting the working party to an Abbott site for a presentation on our testing methods and best practices. This site visit includes a laboratory tour for extra reassurance on our quality systems and measures.
  • Ensuring comprehensive and effective awareness and training is delivered to all staff.

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