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By developing new capabilities in point of care devices, laboratory analysis and customer support, we genuinely deliver a single-source solution for drug, alcohol and healthcare testing.

Drug Treatment 

Our end-to-end testing services inform your clinical decisions around harm reduction and treatment recovery to support your client/patient journey and we provide evidence for Payment by Results where required.

Our services are configured to meet standards and protocols across criminal justice, social services, public health and NHS frameworks.

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Family Law

Our hair testing services have been used by courts for over 20 years and our extensive experience means we have the ability to help with any case, however complex. This means you can hand the whole testing process over to us, safe in the knowledge that we unite around a single binding philosophy that ‘behind every test is a life’.

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Drugs and alcohol can have a truly damaging effect on the workplace. Whether drug and alcohol testing is a regulatory requirement or just best practice, we have a wide range of services to support you.

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Just one employee using alcohol or drugs can create a danger for crew and vessel. For over 25 years we have been helping our clients comply with regulations and reduce the risks of drug and alcohol use.

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Law Enforcement

We have a proud history of developing bespoke solutions to service large-scale government programmes aimed at breaking the link between drugs and crime.

In addition to supplying the three primary Police and HM Prison contracts in England and Wales we are pioneering advances in portable roadside drug testing devices.

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Laboratory Products

Our extensive range of HEIA and ELISA kits allow scientists to quickly identify drugs of abuse in a biological sample.

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Partnering with one of the largest global brands in Toxicology will help you to successfully expand your product portfolio, enter new markets, grow sales and raise your profile in the drugs of abuse testing industry.

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Behind every test is a life

We are ultimately responsible to the individuals whose samples we test and to organisations that rely on this information.