Drug Treatment Drug Testing

Drug Testing

We are keenly aware of the different drug testing requirements that are needed, from testing which must stand up in a court of law, to everyday therapeutic monitoring. Our oral fluid, hair and urine laboratories have the highest appropriate accreditations and we manufacture our point of care devices under strict quality procedures.

Criminal Justice Testing

Our oral fluid testing options are a reliable and innovative means of providing a fast and convenient specimen collection. The non-invasive collection method does not require the facilities necessitated by the privacy requirements of a urine collection and because each collection can be directly observed, the risk of specimen tampering is virtually eliminated.

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Testing to Inform Treatment

To inform prescription and treatment, an understanding of what drugs are in a client’s system is very important. Our urine point of care tests are cost effective and offer a window of detection providing a picture of drug use within the last few days.

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myConcateno is our secure online laboratory results service, available for customers using our oral fluid laboratory. It includes the following features:

  • Secure online customer login
  • Sample tracking in ‘real-time’
  • Results available online instantly after approval
  • Detailed reports customised to your needs
  • Donor and collector management