Family Law Alcohol Testing

Our alcohol testing can help to answer the questions over parental alcohol misuse arising from care proceedings. With laboratory tests to detect historic alcohol abuse and transdermal SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® bracelets to monitor present and future consumption, we have a solution for all your alcohol testing requirements.

We understand that Legal Aid Agency (LAA) funding can be difficult to obtain and therefore our bespoke service gives you the freedom to request only the tests you need. Our price promise of ‘no hidden charges’ means you will only pay what we quote and we guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote by 20%.

Alcohol Monitoring or Evidencing Sobriety

Transdermal Alcohol Continuous Testing (TACT) using SCRAM CAM® is a real-time method for monitoring alcohol consumption and providing evidence of sobriety. SCRAM CAM is a tamper-proof alcohol bracelet that tests a person for alcohol every 30 minutes. By providing non-invasive, automated, scheduled testing, a complete picture of alcohol consumption is obtained for the duration of its deployment.

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Chronic Excessive Alcohol Use

By measuring alcohol markers in hair, we can analyse the last six months of hair growth for evidence of chronic excessive alcohol use. Further corroboration with blood tests can provide additional support to a diagnosis of chronic alcohol use.

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