Expert Witness Reports

Expert Witness Reports

Using an experienced provider who supplies thousands of reports each year will give you the peace of mind of a reliable interpretation of the results. An Expert Witness Report will provide you with professional, objective evidence suitable for use in court.

An Expert Witness Report provides an interpretation of the results of drug and/or alcohol tests, and explains the testing procedure from sample collection through to test results.

It contains information regarding the chain of custody in place to maintain sample integrity, a detailed description of the testing procedure and whether or not the substances tested for were detected. Test results need professional interpretation to enable a full understanding of the results, to put them into context and ensure they are used correctly. Advice from our experienced Toxicologists ensures that you are fully informed.

Reports written to your requirements

Our reports are tailored to the relevant court as directed by you. By indicating on our request form whether you require a report for family or civil court, it will be written to meet either:

Ministry of Justice Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 Practice Direction 35 Experts and Assessors


Ministry of Justice Family Procedure Rules Part 25 Expert and Assessors and Practice Directions 25A Experts and Assessors

Court attendance

Our Expert Witnesses are available to attend court to explain the testing procedure, their interpretation of results and the chain of custody as required.

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