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We have a proud history of developing bespoke solutions to service large-scale government programmes aimed at breaking the link between drugs and crime.

In the UK around half of all crime is committed by people who have already been through the criminal justice system with an estimated cost to the taxpayer of £9.5 to £13 billion per year.

It is for that reason that the work we do is of vital importance in identifying and engaging drug misusing offenders as early as possible in their contact with the criminal justice system, from drug testing on arrest through to post-release care.

Roadside Drug Testing

IIncreasing road safety by reducing drug driving is a major problem facing police forces across the globe. The SoToxa™ Mobile Test System provides the technology needed to screen suspected drug drivers at the roadside so immediate action can be taken to maintain safer roads.

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Drug Testing in Prisons

Testing gives you more accurate and objective information on the scale, trends and patterns of drug misuse, allowing the prison to manage and target more effectively their resources for tackling drug problem.

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Testing on Arrest and/or Charge

Testing an individual at the police station enables you to identify adults misusing specified drugs earlier in their contact with the criminal justice system, so that they may be steered into treatment and away from crime as soon as possible.

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