Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drugs and alcohol can have a truly damaging effect on the workplace, affecting not only ‘safety critical’ jobs but also ‘business critical’ roles where the consequences of a lapse of focus can have expensive ramifications.

Workplace drug and alcohol testing doesn’t need to be complicated. Our wealth of experience gives us a deep understanding of the problems and concerns that may arise along the way, putting us in the perfect position to quickly and professionally resolve them.

Workplace Testing Simplified

Our simple four step process can take your business from a position where you do not yet have a policy, through to testing and receiving tangible benefits from your programme in next to no time:

  1. Creating your drug and alcohol policy
  2. Educating and training your employees
  3. Testing your employees
  4. Reporting your test results

Drug & Alcohol Policy Advice

We work with you to develop a robust policy for drug and alcohol testing that covers all of your requirements whilst remaining compliant with local legislation and the guidelines laid down by the European Workplace Drug Testing Society.

We develop policies to be fair, simple and easy to understand for all employees and align it with the culture, vision and working practices of your company.

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Employee Training & Education

Our dedicated Training Department will work with you to create a bespoke training and education package that suits your requirements. This will ensure your policy is effectively communicated to your workforce so that everybody has a clear understanding of the rules and employees are empowered to maintain a safe working environment.

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Testing Your Employees

Employers or organisations decide to drug test their employees for a number of reasons but most importantly, you should test whenever your policy dictates. Only by testing, can you enforce your policy and begin to address drug and alcohol misuse.

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Reporting Test Results

Taking action on a reported positive result can lead to serious consequences. Therefore it is vital that before acting the results have been checked to prevent wrongful accusations when legitimate medications cause a positive result.

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A High Society

You may think that your company does not have a drug and or alcohol problem, yet our white paper showed at least 1 in 30 UK employees has drugs in their system at any point in time.

Building Trust With Business Partners

Many leading blue chip companies have a drug and alcohol policy and insist that their business partners do too, as they believe this is an important element of a company’s operation.

Alcohol absences