Reporting Test Results

Taking action on a reported positive result can lead to serious consequences. Therefore it is vital that before any action is taken the results have been independently reviewed to determine if there is a legitimate reason for the positive result.

We recommend that all positive confirmation results go to a Medical Review Officer (MRO), who provides independent and expert scrutiny of the results.  The MRO is able to discuss any declared medication with the donor under medical-in-confidence.

The medical review process protects individuals from wrongful accusations when legitimate medications cause a positive result, for example, because they contain prescription opiates. Not only are wrongful accusations distressing for the individual but can also lead to legal action against the employer along with adverse publicity. Therefore we strongly advise all clients testing their workforce to use a medical review process.

We can either provide you with a Medical Review service or provide a MRO training course.

MRO Workshops

We run a regular MRO workshop that is aimed at anybody completing medical reviews as part of a drug and alcohol testing programme.

However even if you are not a MRO you will still benefit as the workshop explains the process by which the MRO validates all test results and checks that the specimen collection and analytical procedures were properly accomplished.

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