Testing Your Employees for Drugs and Alcohol

Including a drug and alcohol testing programme within your workplace will help to enforce the principles of your substance misuse policy and to monitor employee compliance to policy rules. Testing brings many benefits including:

  • An effective deterrent against misuse
  • Provision of a definitive answer in the form of a test result following suspicion of misuse
  • An on-going reminder to employees that substance misuse is unacceptable
  • On-going monitoring of employee compliance with policy rules

Collecting Samples

When it comes to the logistics of sample collection you have two key options.

  1. Your staff collect the samples
  2. One of our Collecting Officers will come to your site and collect the samples for you

There are many benefits of using our Collecting Officers to collect samples on your behalf including:

  • Minimum disruptions to your operations as staff are not required to do the testing
  • Testing is completely impartial and confidential
  • Our Collecting Officers are comprehensively trained and regularly audited
  • We follow strict chain of custody protocols so any challenges to the collection procedure are unlikely to be successful
  • Your staff will not need product training
  • You will not need to order and manage stock for testing

If you however decide that you want your staff to collect samples we can provide all the required training and advice to build a robust collection procedure.

Collection Network

Our global network of over 700 Collecting Officers is comprehensively trained and provides impartial and legally defensible sample collection with minimum disruption to your operations. Operating around the clock the scale of our operations is vast, with our network collecting over 240,000 samples across 95 countries in 2014.

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Programme Management

Our free programme management service will schedule all of your random testing for you. Using someone who is independent from your organisation to do this allows for testing to be implemented without employees feeling they are being singled out. In addition to this the administration and logistics of implementing a testing programme can be challenging, especially when trying to work within both international regulations and local legislation.

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Recruiting the wrong person is a costly exercise so using testing as part of a selection process or during a probation period helps you mitigate personnel-related risks.

Many businesses ask us to test all, or part of their workforce within a twelve month period. We can do this at regular or random intervals and the staff selected for testing will also be randomised so that the testing process is fair for all employees. Some clients choose to provide advance notice in writing to an employee that they have been selected for a random test. We recommend ‘unannounced’ testing, where an employee will only find out they have been selected for a test immediately beforehand, giving them less opportunity to avoid it.

When implementing random testing it is vital to maintain objectivity and prevent employees from feeling they are being unfairly targeted. Our dedicated Programme Management team can handle all of the administration and logistics of the programme, keeping the process completely fair and impartial.

There is often a requirement to monitor an employee’s abstinence from drug or alcohol misuse. Typically this would be part of a rehabilitation programme or following a positive drug or alcohol test. We can schedule a series of announced or unannounced tests as part of a monitoring programme.

In specific circumstances, such as after an accident or incident, where there is evidence of drinking or drug use that contravenes the company’s regulations we can attend the scene and test the employee/s involved.

Our Emergency Call-Out Service operates 24 hours a day, with our aim to be on site within 2 hours of receiving your request. In 2014 our average response time was just 90 minutes.

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