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Programme Management

Programme Management

When implementing drug and alcohol testing in the workplace it is vital to maintain objectivity. Using a third party to do this allows for unannounced / random testing to be implemented effectively and without employees feeling they are being singled out. In addition to this the administration and logistics of implementing a testing programme can be difficult, especially when trying to work within both international regulations and local legislation, particularly when your organisation is distributed internationally.

An expertly managed programme from Alere Toxicology can guide you through regulations to facilitate a testing programme that is both suitable and legal. Our dedicated Programme Management Team will work with you to organise the collection of samples both as part of your managed programme or in response to an incident. Their guidance can be customised to suit your situation, whether simply responding to your requests or assuming responsibility for management of the whole programme.

Some clients need to evidence their adherence to industry regulations regarding substance misuse during inspections and audits. We issue you with a certificate of registration to evidence your participation in a drug and alcohol testing programme. We also issue certificates of completion to you at the end of the year, once all testing has been completed.

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