Specimen Collection Training

Results Recipient Training

Taking inappropriate action following a drug and alcohol test result can lead to Employment or  Industrial Tribunals, payment of compensation, lost time defending claims of unfair dismissal, legal fees, and bad publicity.

Our Training seeks to educate attendees to take the correct action and avoid unnecessary disputes. Delegates will leave with a clear understanding of what test results mean and will have the  opportunity to ask any questions they may have. By learning how to identify which employees  represent risk they will be able to prioritise return to work more speedily and be confident on how to take appropriate action including disciplinary proceedings.

Our Results Recipient Training covers many elements including an outline of the testing processes and the interpretation of results and will answer the following questions:

  • What is the difference between screening and confirmation testing?
  • What happens if someone is taking medication?
  • Is a positive result always considered a fail?
  • Do negative results always mean no further action is required?
  • Why might the laboratory reject a sample?
  • What are considered breaks in Chain of Custody?
  • How do I take appropriate action?
  • What examples can we learn from?
  • How do I discuss the result with the donor – having positive conversations?

This single day of Training is designed to educate those individuals responsible for acting on the results of drug and alcohol tests to take the appropriate action. It will ensure they:

  • Clearly understand testing results.
  • Can identify when action is required.
  • Can follow a process to ensure the appropriate action is taken.

Course Details

Price: £300 (+VAT) per delegate

Locations: Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Duration: 10:00 - 13:00

We Come To You

Our monthly training sessions in Abingdon and Loughton are the most cost-effective answer where training is required for only a very small number of staff. However if you need training for a larger group we can hold sessions at your office. All training equipment is included and we tailor each session to the exact equipment you will be using.