Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

This training course is intended to provide a broad understanding of issues surrounding the misuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, and also specifically your company’s drug and alcohol policy and testing practices. It is designed for members of staff who have a responsibility associated with the policy.

This is an engaging course that promotes group discussion. The course requires attendees to consider how they would approach various scenarios where drug and alcohol misuse may have been a cause for concern, and to discuss with the group the actions they would consider taking, in line with your company policy. This comprehensive classroom based training can be conducted at any location of your choosing.

  • The purpose and principles of your policy
  • Your policies rules and responsibilities
  • How the policy is to be enforced (e.g. random testing, searches)
  • How to respond to the provisions of the policy
  • The effects of common drugs
  • The risks drugs and alcohol pose to safety
  • How to differentiate between impairment and dependency and how to respond to each
  • How to recognise the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol misuse
  • How we manage the drug testing elements of the policy, including chain of custody protocols
  • All staff who have a responsibility associated with the policy
  • Union and working group representatives

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Toolbox Talks

For a fast and effective way of communicating the most pertinent information on the risks of drug and alcohol misuse to your workforce, we can deliver tailored Toolbox Talks on your site. Contact us for further information.