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Educational Literature

Educational Literature

Our literature is designed to reach all members of your workforce, and ranges from posters, to leaflets, to management guides.

These allow you to communicate effectively and in a cost-efficient manner, ensuring your whole company is aware of the risks surrounding drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace, and your approach to managing those risks.

Our literature is available for immediate order with Alere Toxicology branding, or alternatively we can apply your company branding and even customise the content so it fits with your message.

Our drug and alcohol awareness posters are available in A4, A3 and A2 sizes, and are ideal for company notice boards and communal areas. The high impact designs span multiple industries, so your message feels relevant to your employees.

Our drug and alcohol awareness leaflet and booklet are designed for new starters, contractors, temporary staff and agency workers, who all need to be informed quickly about your drug and alcohol policy. These are also ideal to be issued to all staff at the introduction of a new drugs and alcohol policy, or new testing practice.

We also provide a more detailed manager information guide which includes:

  • Managers’ responsibilities
  • The effects of drugs and alcohol on the workplace
  • Facts about drugs and alcohol
  • Drug and alcohol misuse – the warning signs
  • How to manage drug and alcohol problems at work
  • Employee drug and alcohol misuse scenarios

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

To complement our range of educational literature we recommend that your managers attend our training workshop. This gives them the opportunity to get to grips with exactly how our testing procedures work, under what circumstances testing will be carried out and what they need to do in the event of a positive result in accordance with your policy.